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Debatt i Lund: Hur blir klimathotet hett?


Professor Markku Rummukainen about the IPCC report AR5, working group 1


Podcast radio

Podcast with three IPCC authors

Hear three of the authors of the IPCC reports discuss climate change and its' effects. What do we know about the causes of climate change and the mechanisms? How do we deal with uncertainty, and what does the uncertainty mean for our ability to take action to reduce climate change impacts? The discussion also includes climate injustice and poverty and what we can do to reduce climate emissions. The three IPCC authors from Lund University are: Lars J. Nilsson (Environmental and Climate System, LTH), Lennart Olsson (LUCSUS), Markku Rummukainen (CEC).

Produced by Douha Mhammad Ali and Georg Andersson. Music: Mathias Lissmyr, Rasmus Thaarup

Listen to the IPCC podcast here (in Swedish)

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