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CEC Components

CEC, is a combined physical and virtual centre at Lund University involved in research, education and communication on environmental sciences and climate research.


BECC (Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a Changing Climate)
is a strategic research area on the significance of biodiversity in a changed climate for the preservation of important ecosystem services. Gothenburg University is an additional cooperation partner besides Lund University.

MERGE (ModElling the Regional and Global Earth system)
is a strategic research area on advanced climate modelling focusing on the significance of the biosphere, the vegetation and the terrestrial ecosystem for the climate system including feedback. Cooperation partners besides Lund University are Gothenburg University, Chalmers, Linnaeus University, the Royal Institute of Technology and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute.

MultAgri (Rural development through governance of multifunctional agricultural land use)
is a Formas strong research area on land use, biodiversity and ecosystem services in the agricultural landscape. Cooperation partners besides Lund University are the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Stockholm University.

SAPES (Harnessing Biodiversity for Sustaining Agricultural Production and Ecosystem Services)
is a Formas strong research environment on land use, biodiversity and ecosystem services in the agricultural landscape. Project partners are Lund University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Stockholm University.

CEC Fellows
CEC invites all PhD graduates active in the centre’s fields of research to be part of the CEC Fellows. This network is created as a meeting place for collective expertise and as a forum for exchange of ideas of researchers within CEC, with the aim of achieving CEC’s vision and encouraging bottom-up influence and leadership.

Research Infrastructure

ICOS Sweden (Integrated Carbon Observation System - Sweden)
is the Swedish contribution to the European research infrastructure ICOS RI (Integrated Carbon Observation System - Research Infrastructure), formed to quantify and understand the greenhouse gas balance on the European continent and in adjacent regions. The infrastructure provides long-term observations (20+ years) required to understand the present state and predict future behaviour of climate, the global carbon cycle and greenhouse gas emissions. ICOS Sweden focusses on measurements at boreal ecosystems, typical for Sweden, and enables the development of detailed knowledge of Sweden’s total greenhouse gas budget.


Undergraduate studies in Environmental Science and Environment and Health Science (given in Swedish only)
The interdisciplinary studies combines basic knowledge about environmental problems with a specialization in an environmental science area of your choice.

Environmental Science Graduate Studies
Our PhD students are engaged in interdisciplinary research in diverse areas of science. The research and teaching are conducted by collaborating with other institutions and faculties, for example the faculties of science, engineering, social sciences, economics and medicine.

ClimBEco Graduate Research School
PhD research school which enables young scientists to engage in cross-disciplinary research on climate/the Earth system, climate impacts on ecosystems and ecosystem management in a changing world.


Lund University Sustainability Forum
connects and supports the University's climate, energy and sustainability research, and provides a bridge between the wider society and academia in these areas. The Sustainability Forum was launched in January 2014, and is coordinated by CEC.

CEC Communication Office
provides support for the research and education activities within CEC, for example stakeholder dialogue and communication of research results to society.

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Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, CEC

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